The Horror
Show Musical

The curtain opens on a deformed young boy who was forbidden to see the outside world (What’s Out There.) He runs away from home and arrives at a harbor where a navigator offers to take him to another land (Navigator’s Query.)

He first stop in this strange place is a carnival (Vendor’s Song, Welcome to the Freakshow.) He observes the Freakshow and leaves offended, but not before he is noticed by the show’s Ringmaster and Barker. They feel he has tremendous Freakshow potential, but realize he is not yet ripe. They begin plotting to see him ripened.

Out on the streets the boy is confronted with pity and rudeness (Pity the Poor Boy.) He soon meets a seductive woman who lures him into a bar, (Teri) but she sneaks away at the song’s conclusion. Inside of the bar one of the drunks notices the boy and makes a spectacle of him in front of the other patrons
(The Freak.) The boy exits hurt and angry. In an alley he converses with a hobo (The Bum) who tries to convince the boy that begging on the streets can be a fine way to make your living. The boy leaves, fondly rejecting the advice; and the hobo reveals himself to be the Ringmaster in disguise. The Ringmaster is met by Teri, revealing that she was a prostitute paid by the Ringmaster to seduce the boy. The Barker also enters in disguise as the man in the bar who exposed the “freak.”

The boy next sees a murder, and flees the scene. His mother enters the city searching for her runaway son (Mother’s Prayer.) In still another part of the town a meeting of the mob is underway; Teri attends the meeting undercover for the Ringmaster (Terror Inc.) The crimelord, Sir Terror, addresses his legion and reveals that Teri is a spy. She is killed immediately. The mob adds killing the witness “freak” to their agenda.

The Mother clashes with the Ringmaster and Barker (Confrontation.) She runs off to a place where they tell her the “Freak” is headed. The Ringmaster and Barker then sing of their plan to seize the Freak (Carpe Freak)

The boy runs into a seemingly kind psychiatrist who takes him in for the night. Unfortunately the man turns out to be the schizophrenic-abusive type (Like You Were My Own.) The Barker–disguised as a burglar-breaks in and causes enough confusion for the boy to escape.

On the streets again the boy finds himself in front of a Wax Museum. He secretly enters with the hope of hiding for the night and returning home to his mother in the morning.

In the Wax Museum the boy is horrified to witness that the owner, Fletcher, is really a necrophiliac warlock who animates dead bodies (The Wax Museum.) Fletcher discovers the boy and intends to kill him, but the action is interrupted by Sir Terror and his henchman who show up to donate the body of Teri. Sir Terror inquires about the boy, and wishes to employ him as a carnival Freakshow spy. The boy suspiciously agrees, so they plan to test him. Back in the city the mother enlists the aid of Miss Fergenagle, a woman seeking to shut down the Freakshow
(Too Much Salt.)

The boy is delivered to the mob’s star assassin
(The Tap Dance Killer) where he is required to kill a man. The boy refuses. Sir Terror enters expressing a desire to kill the boy himself, but the crimelord’s surprisingly bumbling antics allow the boy to escape.

Back at the Wax Museum the killers realize someone was posing as Sir Terror to free the boy. In a graveyard across town the Barker locates the weeping boy, and tries to raise his spirits (What Part of You Could the World do Without?) From the Wax Museum Fletcher casts a spell to animate the corpses of the cemetery as a means of capturing the Freak
(From the Graveyard.) The boy, Barker and Ringmaster narrowly escape.

Back at the carnival the Ringmaster convinces the boy to join the Freakshow (This Show is You) The mother enters, but her son sings (Symphony of Sympathy) to show his allegiance for his new found home.





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