The Horror
Show Musical


In 1992 Cleveland Brothers Ted and Kurt Sikora formed a surreal vaudeville-influenced rock band called Nothing Like Vaudeville. Between March of ‘92 and August of ‘93, NLVreleased a ten song concept album and played numerous clubs throughout Ohio and surrounding states.  While many critics hailed the band’s unique songwriting and live show, a good portion of the rock audience looked on with heads tilted sideways

In October of '93 the band had an opportunity to perform a fifteen minute horror show in Canal Fulton, Ohio as part of the annual Clay's Park Haunted Halloween Festival.  The Nothing Like Vaudeville Wax Museum Horror Show was developed and subsequently seen by nearly 3,000 people.  One of those in attendance, Kevin James, who had an extensive background in theater, offered to help the brothers take this project to the next level.

In November of 1993 Nothing Like Vaudeville (the band) broke up, and Nothing Like Vaudeville (the musical play) was underway.  New songs were tried out in front of crowds at theThe Symposium Night Club which held a cabaret-like “Post Alternative Night” once a week. Kevin James called upon past associates for set and costume design, as well as co-writing three new songs and helping to coordinate the plot.  Greg Marold came on board to choreograph the show; and the team of four directed the production. 

The show opened at the Phantasy Theater on November 19th, 1994.  The limited run was very successful with growing crowds of people claiming it was unlike any show they had ever seen.  Winter sadly held the show from continuing as the theater had a blaring loud furnace.  Several nights there was an ugly trade off between the audience either not hearing dialogue or freezing in their seats.

The group decided to make an audio recording of the show as a demo.  ASCAP Publishing’s Michael Kerker suggested that the company consider releasing the recording as an original cast album. The Nothing Like Vaudeville Show – Original Cast Recording was released on June 9th, 1995 at Cleveland Public Theatre.   The CD was then picked up for international distribution by the Connecticut based label Original Cast Records, and it has scored positive reviews in several publications -- most notably “Show Music.”

Since that time, the show has gone through several rewrites.  The biggest came in April of 1999 producing a fantastic production at Daytona Beach Community
College directed by Derek Mason. The years to come will hopefully hold more fine tuning, with more live productions, a new cast recording, and possibly a film version.  The writers hope to one day see this show reach its full potential as what someone once dubbed “The Wizard of Oz of Horror.” 





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