The Horror
Show Musical

Story, Music and Lyrics
Ted Sikora

Additional Music and Original Arrangements
Kurt Sikora

Additional Music, Lyrics and Story Coordination
Kevin James

Cleveland Cast

Freak Greg Marold
Mother Tara Kamman
Len the Barker Kevin James
Navigator Brian McCann
Ringmaster Ted Sikora
Miss Fergenagle linda Mason-Browning
Sir Terror Sean Pugh
Man w/ Creepy Smile Colin Brown
Teri Joan Stanton
Fletcher Kurt Sikora
Psychiatrist Brian McCann
Tap Dance Killer Jan Lynch

Cleveland Chorus
Roxy Toporowych, Nicole Torrado, Christian Webb, Tony Reboudo, Dawn Dunning, Mike Birkas, and Paul Gregory Kocel

Cleveland Production Staff
Stage Manager and Costumes – Monica Shnee
Makeup – Richard Klink
Directed by – Greg, Kevin, Kurt and Ted
Sound – Peter Davis and Dave Penn

Daytona Beach Community College Cast

Freak Leon Ellzy
Mother Sarah Wells
Len the Barker Jason Blanton
Navigator Andrew Moskowitz
Ringmaster David Hicks
Miss Fergenagle Wendy Jorden
Sir Terror Stephen Simmons
Man w/ Creepy Smile Jody Chambers
Teri Becky Mitchell
Fletcher Gabe Gonder
Psychiatrist Tim Hall
Tap Dance Killer Meg Boone
Girl/Angel Betty Rice

Daytona Chorus
Jim Hill, Russell Zill, Erin Baraga, Geovanny (G!) Bautista, Christy Goertz, Kim Donovan, Kristy Zoshak

Daytona Production Staff
Director – Derek Mason
Stage Manager – Laura Justice
Sound Board Operator – Jason Dewitt
Light Board Operator – Dana Stogner
Costumes and Makeup – Jillianne Orzel
Set and Props – John Krol, Derek Mason, Laura Justice, Sara Wells

Demo recordings feature members from both casts as well as:
Tynsi, Ki Aallen, Evelyn Wright, Michelle Kennedy, Miko Horn, Johnell Pennymon, Karen Jones, and Laura Taylor.

Special Thanks
God for so many blessings, Larraine Sikora, The Original NLV Band: (Dan Rose, Michael Jones, Steve Zav, and Tom O’Malley,) Stephen Sabol, David Sabol -The Freak at the Haunted festival, The DeFrasia Family, Susan Scalf, Char Vargo, Sara DeLong, Michael Kerker and ASCAP Publishing, Chris Keffer, A to Z Audio, John Persuric, James Levin, Brian Guder, Sheila Simmons, Rob Lehtinen & Lasting Impressions Video, and everyone else who supported us through any phase of the process.

Rest in Peace and Eternal Gratitude to Edward Sikora Sr.

One more time – Thanks to everyone on this page.





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